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Purchase a Lifetime Maintenance VIP Club membership on your vehicle and never pay for an oil change again... ever!! The longer you own the vehicle and the more you drive, the more you save! 

If you sell the vehicle, you can transfer the LMVC to your new vehicle FREE. Plus, offer the new owner of your old vehicle an LMVC Membership at half price (What a great selling point!).

Fight inflation: as the price of oil increases, it never will for you! Gain peace of mind: Have your vehicle inspected on a regular basis so that you can maximize reliability and performance.

If you plan on owning ANY vehicle for the next two years, this membership will pay for its self and then some!

What's Included:
  • FREE* Lifetime oil services at our suggested service intervals.
  • Multi-point Digital inspections at each visit.
  • 5% Discount Labor on ALL other maintenance and repair services.
  • Maintenance service reminders.
  • All maintenance and repair records.
*Pay only a $5 service fee with each visit
  • 1st Vehicle - $499.95
  • 2nd Vehicle - $399.95
  • 3rd Vehicle - $349.95
  • 4th+ Vehicles - FREE
**All vehicles must be registered at the same address.