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“Honest and personable!

Diagnostics from 2 auto parts stores seemed to indicate alternator malfunction causing battery to drain. Charlie recognized it was caused by a loose battery connection and corrected it. I had been prepared for a much more expensive repair, but Automotive Blessings proved to be people of integrity.”

Tim M

“Automotive Blessings did exactly what I asked them to do in the time frame that I asked them to do it. The cost I paid was reasonable for the service that was provided and i would recommend them to anyone needing auto repair.”

Roger C

“I am so pleased! I could not ask for better service & nicer people! I had gotten a quote of $4,500 for the repair of my truck from a major national company, so I brought my truck to Charlie and his team. My total was $1073. The honesty and integrity of these people is why they are the only ones that will ever get my business. I will continue to refer business to them! Thanks, Automotive Blessings!”

Alisa H

“I asked Automotive Blessings to inspect a used vehicle I was considering purchasing. Mechanic thoroughly analyzed vehicle and made me comfortable in my decision to buy. I was surprised he went beyond mechanical parts to include body and paint plus testing of all gadgets and features. 

I trust this business as my first experience was with A/C on my 1996 BMW. I had bought four new tires at [Shop B]. A/C stopped working right after and [Shop B] said compressor was out and repair would be more than $1,000. Sounded suspicious so I asked Automotive Blessings. to take a look. As suspected [Shop B] had disconnected A/C somehow. Automotive Blessings charged about $100 and it would have been less if repair area had been more accessible.”

Bette J

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840 Shallowford Rd #100, Kennesaw, GA 30144, USA


(770) 575-0400

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(770) 575-0400

840 Shallowford Rd #100, Kennesaw, GA 30144, USA

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