Why Does My Car Rattle In The Back

Why does my car rattle in the back? There are many reasons that you are hearing noises in the rear of the car. One reason could be that the Shocks are worn out. Shocks are filled a fluid that helps soften impacts from bumps in the road. Over time the seals and washers that inside the Shock start to get weak. The Shock Bumpers also start to get compressed and let the Shock move up and down in the mount area. Shocks should be replaced around 50k to 75k depending on driving habits. If you have over 75k miles and still have the original Shocks on your car or hear noise coming from the rear call us. Automotive Blessings 770-575-0400. Go to our website https://www.automotiveblessings.com/online-scheduling to book your appointment.

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