Why Do I Need Top Tier Fuel?

Top tier fuel burns cleaner, cleans the intake and valves, and gives better gas mileage. It leaves less carbon build-up on the inside of the intake. Top tier fuel will keep your fuel injectors working better and lasting longer. Fuel injectors have tiny holes that spray a small amount of fuel inside the engine. If those holes clog up, the fuel injector will spray a stream of fuel in one spot. Over time fuel injectors will start to leak, fuel will go into the combustion chamber even when it is not needed. The car will run rich and waste fuel. Top Tier Fuel will help keep the holes clean.

Doing a regular Fuel Service will also help keep the fuel system at peak performance. If you notice that your vehicle is getting lower gas mileage, call Automotive Blessings at 770-575-0400. Set an appointment to have your fuel system cleaned.

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