Why Do I Need To Change My Struts?

Your Shocks and Struts should be replaced as they wear out. When Shocks and Struts wear out, they will also affect your 4 Wheel Alignment. Going through potholes and over speed bumps will also affect your Shocks and Struts as well. If you are in an accident your Struts could bend affecting your Steering Components. When they are bent, they make the Steering Wheel hard to turn and will not let the wheel return to center. When they are worn out, they let the suspension sag which causes Uneven Tire Wear on the inside of the Tire. Sometimes an alignment will correct this. Your Shocks and Struts Mounts and Bearings could go bad and cause a stiff Steering Wheel. Your Car or Trucks ride will become worse as they age also. If you notice any of these things give us a call at Automotive Blessings. We can set up your reservation to have the Suspension looked at.

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