What Year Vehicle Did 1234YF Start In

When was the 1234YF introduced? The new Freon that is being used in vehicles was first introduced in 2013. Only a few vehicles had 1234yf in them. There are still vehicles out there that use 134a Freon. The difference between 134a and 1234yf are how fast they dissipate in the atmosphere. 134a Freon has a Global Warming Potential of 1430. 1234YF has a Global Warming Potential of 4. There is also a different Air Conditioning Machine that must be used to work on 1234yf vehicles. This machine is also used to be sure that no 1234yf is leaking from the vehicle before the vehicle is filled. As of 2021, ALL vehicles sold in the US are now equipped with 1234YF Freon in the Air Conditioning System. If you have a vehicle that needs Air Conditioning repairs, we at Automotive Blessings have the machine and training to accurately repair the system.

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