What Is The Function Of The Idler Arm

What is the function of the Idler Arm? The Idler Arm is a helper for the Pitman Arm. It helps support the Center Link and the Tie Rod End on the passenger side of the vehicle. When the Pitman Arm moves so does the Idler Arm. The Idler Arm is bolted to the frame of the vehicle while the Pitman Arm is mounted to the Steering Gear Box. Idler Arms wear out just like all the other components in the steering system and need to be replaced. When one part of the Steering System goes bad the Pitman Arm and Idler Arm start to wear out faster from the overuse. When an Idler Arm is replaced, the vehicle will need an Alignment also. When was the last time you had your Steering System checked for wear? Call us at Automotive Blessings (770-575-0400). We can check the System for you. Book you appointment at https://www.automotiveblessings.com/

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