What Is The Difference Between An Inner And Outer Tie Rod

What is the difference between an Inner and Outer Tie Rod? The biggest difference is their location in the Steering System. As the name states one is an Inner Tie Rod and is located on the inside of the Steering System. The Outer Tie Rod is located at the out side of the Steering System. The Outer Tie Rod is connected right at the Wheel and is the last link in the Steering System. Symptoms of bad Tie Rod Ends are the same for the Inner and the Outer Tie Rod Ends. Play at the Wheels would be noticed at the Steering Wheel, for the excessive turning needed to steer the vehicle. Call Automotive Blessings (770-575-0400), to have the Steering System checked. Go to our web site (https://www.automotiveblessings.com/) to set an appointment.

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