What Is A Pitman Arm

A Pitman Arm is the first link of any steering system that connects the Steering Gear Box to the Steering Wheel and Steering Linkages. One sign of a bad Pitman Arm is play in the Steering Wheel. If not replaced other Steering Components will begin to wear out. The Steering of the vehicle will become sloppy. Maintaining control will get harder as the vehicle will go where it wants instead of where you want.

What is the Purpose for a Pitman Arm?

Pitman Arms are used on any vehicle that has a Gear Box, not a Rack And Pinion Steering System. After replacement of the Pitman Arm the vehicle will require a Wheel Alignment. If you notice that the Steering Wheel in your vehicle turns before the vehicle does then bring it in for a check of the Steering Components. Call Automotive Blessings 770-575-0400. Visit our web site https://www.automotiveblessings.com/ to set up an appointment.

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