What Happens When The Expansion Valve Goes Bad

What happens when the expansion valve goes bad? The expansion valve controls the amount of Freon gas going into the Evaporator. The Expansion Valve can adjust to the needs of the cabin for cooling. When one goes bad it can be stuck open or closed. An Expansion valve that is stuck closed will starve the A/C Compressor dry of Freon and Oil that moves through the system. If the Expansion Valve is stuck open the cabin will not cool as good as it used to. The Freon will be coming into the Evaporator faster than it can remove the heat from the cabin. Expansion Valves can be in tight spots and will need to have the A/C System emptied of all Freon before any repairs can be done. When you notice that the vehicle is not cooling like it used to bring it in for a checkup. Call Automotive Blessings 770-575-0400. Go to our website automotiveblessings.com to set your appointment.

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