What Does The Orifice Tube Do

What does the Orifice Tube do? The Orifice Tube is like the Expansion Valve. The Orifice Tube is a fixed hole that lets Freon pass into the Evaporator. The Orifice Tube has a screen around it to help keep any trash from entering the Evaporator. It is in the A/C line and is replaced when the A/C System is opened. This where we see the most problems with using sealant in the A/C System also. The screen gets clogged with the sealant and will not let Freon pass into the Evaporator. When Freon cannot go through the Evaporator and back to the Compressor it starts to starve for oil. Once the Compressor seizes, the Condenser gets clogged with metal from the Compressor. The Orifice Tube is only a small part in the whole A/C System and the major repairs that it can cause if it gets clogged. Call Automotive Blessings for your A/C checkup before it’s to late.

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