What Are The Signs Of A Bad Condenser

What are the signs of a bad Condenser? The biggest and easiest sign is if there is a leak in the Condenser? Once there is a leak in the Condenser the only fix is to have it replaced. The A/C Condenser sits right in front of the Radiator and even looks like a Radiator. It is the first thing you see when you look through the grill of your vehicle. Small rocks and road debris can put small holes in the A/C Condenser and over time will cause the Freon to leak out. If the A/C Condenser gets clogged it can cause a lack of cooling in the cabin of the vehicle. Once an A/C Compressor goes bad the Condenser is the first thing to catch the debris and gets clogged up. Any time that you have a compressor replaced it is a good time to replace the Condenser also. If you notice a lack of cooling call Automotive Blessings 770-575-0400 or go to or web site https://www.automotiveblessings.com/ and book your appointment.

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