Struts: The Ups and Downs

Struts are the most abused part of any vehicle. A study done ten years ago on struts found that about 70% of all vehicles in the junkyard still had the original struts on them. With vehicles having an average mileage of 151K miles and lasting till 250K miles, that is a lot of wear on the original struts. All manufacturers of struts recommend replacement around 50K to 75K miles. Even the dealer has a life expectancy of 100K miles on any part of the vehicle.

When vehicles run through a pothole, curb, or speed bump, the strut and shock are compressed and extended. All that movement wears on the fluid and valves inside the strut. The strut is also an integral part of the steering on almost every vehicle on the road. The strut changes angles when you make turns, causing wear on the bearings at the top of the strut. Do you have more than 75K miles on your vehicle? If so, you will need to have your struts replaced and the car realigned.

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