How Long Does A Strut Last

How long does a Strut last? Struts are built to last around 50K to 100K depending on driving habits. The Struts on a vehicle are made of 4 different parts. The Strut Body, Spring, Turn Plate, and Bushing. When replacing a Strut there are some safety factors that need to be addressed. The Strut is under extreme pressure and should not be taken apart by anyone that does not know what they are doing. When replacing a Strut, the Turn Plate and Bushing should also be replaced. The Strut also plays a part in the Suspension of the vehicle. The Strut replaces the Upper Control Arm. Once a Strut is replaced an Alignment is needed to correct Caster. If your vehicle has over 100k miles and still has the Original Struts let us replace them for you. Call Automotive Blessings 770-575-0400. Go to our web site and book your appointment for a suspension Check.

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