Freon With Sealant

Freon with sealant is not good for your A/C System. If you think about what the Sealant is designed to do it is easy to see why it should never be used. The Sealant in Freon is designed to seal holes from a leak. In the purpose of its design, it works. When introduced to the A/C System it acts on the presence of moisture and hardens up to plug a leak. The problem with that is if the A/C System has a leak then it already has moisture in the system. When the Sealant meets the moisture in the System it starts to harden and plug any holes it can. The Orifice Tube and Expansion Valve both have small holes that allow Freon to enter the Evaporator. Once those holes are plugged, they must be replaced along with the rest of the A/C System. The sealant cannot be flushed out. This will lead to very costly repairs that were not needed before the Sealant was added to the System. Before you run into the part store to get that can of Freon have the car looked at to get the repair done right. Save the money of replacing parts that did not need to replaced. Here is a picture of BAD Freon

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