Clogged Orifice Tube

This is a clogged Orifice Tube from using Sealant or Stop Leak. You can see that the Tube is completely clogged, no Freon can pass through. When you buy the wrong Freon at the Auto Parts Store, they are not trained in what the product does. I have said before in a different blog that there is no way to flush this out. You can see that there is no way for anything to pass through to clean the system. If the Sealant is clogging up this, what else is it clogging? Does it clog the Compressor? Does it clog the holes in the Condenser? Is it clogging up the Evaporator? How thick is it in the hoses? Once The Sealant is in the system can you find the leak that let the Freon out? Why take a chance with Sealant? Let the trained professional handle the repair the proper way and be done with all the Why questions.

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