Car Running Rough?

Does your car run rough? Do you see coolant on the ground? Is the car over heating? All these are symptoms of a possible head gasket that is leaking. Some things you can look at is the oil on the dipstick, if it milky looking then the coolant is getting into the oil. You can also check the coolant bottle. If it looks milky then the oil is getting into coolant. If you see coolant on the ground, then it could be an external leak. There would not be any symptoms in the way the engine runs. When replacing a head gasket, it is always good to have the heads checked by a machine shop. Warpage and any valves that may not be closing all the way will cause a rough idle. That is what is going on in this picture, there was an external coolant leak. The machine shop found 6 valves that were leaking. This Ranger got new heads.

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