A/C Hoses

A/C Hoses cause the lease problems with A/C Systems. Their weakness is in the crimps were the rubber and metal meet and the adaptors where the A/C Machine hooks up. The best way to check for leaks on a A/C Hose is with soap and water. We use nitrogen to pressure test all our A/C Systems for leaks. Once filled with nitrogen, we use soap and water and look for bubbles. Where there are bubbles there are leaks. Some shops use a dye and black light to find leaks. When using dye, it takes time for the dye to show where the leak is and Freon is lost while looking for the leak. When using nitrogen, we can see all the leaks at once and do a complete repair the first time. If you have noticed that the vehicle is not cooling like it should call us at 770-575-0400 or go to our website https://www.automotiveblessings.com/ and book your next appointment.

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