6 Tips to Survive Atlanta Rush Hour

When Atlanta rush hour is mentioned it’s like you can hear an audible groan all across the metro Atlanta. Growing up I could never understand why it was called “Rush Hour”. In my young mind no one was going very fast and it certainly lasted longer than an hour. I guess “Rush Hour” sounds better than “Snail-paced evening/morning of stressed out insanity”. If you’ve lived in metro Atlanta for more than a season you also know that no matter the time of year, some part of evening or morning Rush Hour is spent in the dark. Throw in the crazy drivers, bridge fires, and pot holes (2017 was a wild year) we’ve all seen and it’s enough to drive you batty. Until they’ve perfected the teleportation machines, all I have to offer is this list of 6 tips that will help you survive rush hour:

1. Allow Time for the Unknown

Whether its an influx of traffic due to school zones, or that one fender bender in the 4th lane of I75, it’s almost a guarantee that something is going to happen to make your already long drive even longer. Leaving a little early to allow for the unknown can save you so much stress.

2.Keep your AC on Low

Hotlanta weather is no fun in the summer, especially when you’re stuck in stop and go traffic in a hot car. But did you know keeping your fan on low is the most efficient way to cool your vehicle in stopped traffic? When you are driving along, the air passing over the condenser helps to disperse the heat and therefore keeps the system running efficiently. But when you are not moving (AKA stuck in traffic) your condenser can not disperse the heat as well. If you have the fan on high at that time the lines will start to freeze and not deliver cool air to you in the cab. Keeping the thermostat on the coldest and the fan on low when stopped will allow the system to work the most efficiently, keeping you your coolest, and not add any extra stress to your ride.

3. Entertain Yourself

No, I don’t mean watch Netflix on your phone while you’re driving. Make sure you have some good music, listen to an audio book (Get two free ones of your choice here), pray, meditate, call Grandma, or just play ‘i-spy’ by yourself. What ever helps you pass the time and not go insane.

Automotive Blessings Maintance

4. Maintain Your Vehicle

Everyone knows how unfun it is to breakdown or get a ticket, it’s even more miserable to do so during rush hour. Make sure your fluids are topped off, wipers are in good shape, tires have good tread, belts are in good shape, and all your head and tail lights are working. If you’ve gotten any service done at Automotive Blessings recently, rest assured that these are all things we check every time we see your vehicle. If we haven’t seen it in the past 3 months, consider making an appointment today.

5. Avoid it if You Can

While most people can’t, we would all avoid Rush Hour if we could. Double check and see if your job offers telecommuting a day or two a week. Or if you have flexible hours try to commute before or after Rush Hour. If you can’t totally avoid it consider carpooling some. Gacommuteoptions.com not only offers where you can search for carpool buddies, but also offers rewards such as gas cards for doing so.

6. Take a Deep Breath and Don’t Sweat it

Rush Hour is no fun and everyone knows it. The guy who just cut you off is just trying to get where he’s going too. In the words of Plato “Be Kind, For everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.” It’s so much better to just take a deep breath, not get angry at the other drivers (even the crazy ones), and just make the best of your commute. 😊

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