What's a Motor Mount and Why Do I Need One?

Motor Mount, Engine Mount, Dog Bone. All of these names describe the same part.

But what is a motor mount and what does it really do?

Most vehicles have 2 to 4 motor mounts. These brackets are usually made of metal and rubber. Not only do they hold your engine in place, they also help absorb some of the vibrations of a running motor.

Unfortunately, as with anything made out of rubber, they do deteriorate. Rubber is very susceptible to temperature changes and with the cold winters and HOT summers we get in metro Atlanta, motor mounts tend to wear out a little sooner than vehicles in milder climates.

Another thing that can shorten the life of your motor mounts is oil leaks. If you put off having your valve cover gasket replaced or any other oil leaks repaired, it can shorten the life of your motor mounts.

Signs you have a bad mount

Engine Mounts are not something you can really prevent from wearing out. The only thing you can do is look out for these clues and replace them when they break. While there’s not too many things to look out for, they are very distinct:

  • You hear a ‘thunking’ type noise when your engine shifts

  • You feel the engine vibrations inside the cab

Two Mount? Or Not Two Mount?

Just like apples: one bad mount can ruin the whole bunch. Once one mount wears down or breaks, the other mounts are now taking on the extra strain. It’s always advisable to replace a broken mount before any more damage happens. This is one reason anytime you bring your vehicle to Automotive Blessings we make sure that part of our courtesy check is to inspect your motor mounts. If we can catch a damaged motor mount and replace it immediately, it will save your other mounts from extra wear and tear.

Keep an ear out for thunking noises, repair oil leaks, and replace damaged mounts immediately and you can get so much more life out of your mounts and save you money in the long run.

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