When Will 134A Be Phased Out

When will 134A be phased out? 134A has been around for almost 30 years. 134A replaced R12 in 1992 and is being replaced by 1234YF in 2021. You can still buy 134A as it is still being made but no longer used on automobiles built since 2021. With its long history of being used on all vehicles there is a lot of vehicles on the road today that need A/C Service on them. If you are having A/C issues, PLEASE DO NOT PUT FREON IN THE VECHILE YOURSELF. The Freon you can buy over the counter contains Sealant or Stop Leak and will stop up the A/C System. The repairs for that will be very costly. So before you think about putting Freon in your car yourself call us at Automotive Blessings 770-575-0400 or go to our web site https://www.automotiveblessings.com/ to set your appointment.

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