What Does The Evaporator Do

What does the Evaporator do? The Evaporator is what cools the inside of the vehicle as the air passes through it. The Evaporator is filled with Freon. The Freon evaporates as the hot air from the vehicle passes through it and removes moisture from the air. The moisture drains into the HVAC box and then down under the vehicle to the street. That is what the puddle of water under the vehicle is from at red lights. The more humid the air the more water that drained. The HVAC box can become clogged and requires that the drain be unclogged. You will know if your drain is clogged if you see water on the floorboard of the vehicle on the passenger side. If you do not see water draining under your car, give us a call at Automotive Blessings to have your A/C System checked and your drain checked.

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